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Oct 14, 2020
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Where is the weed?

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I remember seeing a couple of weeks ago Maine was gearing up to launch recreational cannabis as a state sponsored business. A recent publication by pressherald.com reveals how many may be disappointed with the results. Folks take for granted what it takes for cannabis to arrive at a dispensary and be offered at a reasonable price.

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Press Herald talked to Scott Howard of SeaWeed of South Portland Maine. Howard has started a retail cannabis shop. However, his supply is very limited… His supply is almost non-existent!

“We have very limited access to a very limited supply at a very high tax rate, yet somehow the state expects us to save the state budget”, Howard was quoted as saying. Why limited access? Understanding, that state sponsored cannabis goes through state testing procedures and is only supplied by state supplied growers and processors… We understand how the supply can be limited.

Press Herald reports one state-approved shop is contemplating skipping opening day altogether. Some shops are unsure if they will have marijuana to sell. Medical facilities sell edibles and infused drinks while the new recreational shops can’t even get that. A licensing backlog is being blamed for shortages. The state is simply pointing to the backlog as a result of COVID.

Maine has licensed seven retail stores set to open Friday. To “protect” consumers the state has licensed seven growers. I suppose seven is their lucky number! They have four manufacturers to cultivate and one laboratory to test adult-ise products. I always laugh at that. Are there labs to test non-adult use products?

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I point this out to highlight the reality and need of the non-state sponsored weed service. People ask where is the weed? Well, the folks at Select Co-Op know how to find the best quality strains. If I had to smoke one or a couple strains all the time I would be motivated to stop smoking. While the state gets revenue on every flower sold the consumer’s choices are narrowed.

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