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What is Shatter?

Shatter has a glassy looking appearance. It looks like pieces of shattered stained glass. Shatter is appreciated by many for its geometric appearances. Like all concentrates it has a high THC concentration, but what is it?

What is Shatter 2

Shatter is known by several different names. It may be called Shatter Wax, cannabis shatter, and/or shatter weed. Shatter is often amber in color, semitransparent, and has a brittle glass-like texture.

Shatter is made by grinding cannabis and packing into a column then allowing a chilled solvent to pass over the compound extracting the desired elements. The resinous extracts from sheets that can be “shattered” into smaller pieces like glass. Thanks for the information Encore labs!

What is Shatter 3

Shatter produced for medical use is tested for the cannabinoid profile, pesticides, microbes, heavy metals, and foreign materials. Like all compounds it is best to get it from a quality manufacturer and reputable distributor. Thank you Select Co-Op for being the reputable distributor taking the time to ensure the product is from quality manufacturers.

While at times this product is called shatter wax there are some difference between shatter and wax. Wax is less stable and tends to dissipate faster when dabbing. Shatter is more brittle and thus may be more difficult to utilize according to honest-marijuana.

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Shatter like other concentrates can be drastically more potent than flowers. A potent flower may have a 25% THC level. Shatter can offer 80% THC levels. I am trying some out asap from my folks at Select Co-Op.

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