What is Happening at the Capital Pride Parade this Weekend?

The Capital pride parade is back! The COVID-19 pandemic has shut down this event the past two years. However, like Maya Angelou said… ”And still I rise”! The pride parade was held Saturday June 11th at 3PM. However, activities will persist today and into Monday. The Capital pride parade Alliance organized the event frequently provides event updates on where and when via live tweets.  

Where and when is the Capital Pride Parade?

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The actual pride parade begin at 14th and T streets in Northwest Washington DC. The 1.5 mile long parade traveled through Shaw, Logan Circle, and Dupont Circle before concluding at P and 21st streets Northwest Washington, DC. WTOP news reports that the route, “was selected to symbolize the expansion and “evolution of the LGBTQ+ neighborhoods” in D.C.”. Mayor Muriel Bowser was in attendance for the procession of rainbow flags, rousing music, marching bands, and decorative floats. Spectators, including families, lined up on the street to witness and watch as the pride parade began.

In addition to the parade there was also a block party on Saturday. WTOP reports the 4th Annual Capital Pride Block Party on 17th Street between Church and P Streets, featured local performers, DJs and two beverage gardens”. The block party began at noon and ran well into the wee hours of the night.

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The Capital Pride Alliance has a schedule of the remaining events spanning the next two days. Be advised road closures started early Saturday morning and will continue until Monday. The DC Police has indicated there is a “Traffic Advisory on Sunday, June 12, 2022, the Capital Pride Festival will take place in the District of Columbia. View the link for details on parking restrictions and street closures that motorists should take into consideration

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