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Dec 21, 2022
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What is fronto or grabba leaf?

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Discover the history of the fronto leaf and grabba leaf, popularized by weed and tobacco smokers in the Caribbean—plus, learn how to roll them.

The fronto leaf is an air-cured natural tobacco tree leaf that originates in the Caribbean. Today, smokers in the United States use fronto to wrap and smoke cannabis-filled cigars, also known as blunts. Others break the fronto leaf into strips (known as grabba) and mix them with weed inside rolling papers.

Fronto leaf and grabba leaf have become a popular alternative to processed tobacco products, thanks to their natural look, feel, and taste. Some cannabis smokers prefer mixing fronto or grabba with their bud to create a spliff, while others choose fronto to wrap an entire blunt cigar, hoping to avoid harmful chemicals and additives in other products traditionally marketed to blunt smokers.

Keep reading to learn more about the fronto leaf, including its history, its pros and cons, and how to roll a proper fronto blunt and grabba spliff.

What is a fronto leaf?

A full fronto leaf can yield dozens of blunt wraps, or it can be ground up and used in spliffs. (Dragon Fronto Leaf)

Fronto leaf is a tobacco leaf that’s air-cured to develop a rich taste and aroma. The fronto leaf is known for being darker than other cigar and blunt leaves, due to the curing process and lack of further artificial processing. The extra-large leaf looks like it has been chopped from a plant, folded, and placed directly into its packaging, but there is some basic processing involved.

If your fronto is too dry out of the package, dry leaves can be treated with water. On the other hand, extremely moist leaves must be dried by air or heat before being smoked.

Where does the fronto leaf originate?

(Original Fronto Leaf)
Farmers in Jamaica, Cuba, Nicaragua, Haiti, and the Dominican Republic have enjoyed natural fronto leaf tobacco for generations. (Original Fronto Leaf)

The exact country of origin is not known, as various Caribbean islands produce the thick natural leaves and use them to roll tobacco and cannabis cigars. Jamaica, Cuba, and The Dominican Republic are islands where the fronto leaf is popular with locals and exporters. Many American companies now produce their own fronto and grabba products to meet increasing demand. The term ‘fronto’ stems from ‘Fanta,’ a popular word in Jamaican culture.

Is a fronto leaf healthier than processed tobacco products?

(Negril Hills)
(Negril Hills)

There is limited research on the safety of many cannabis consumption methods, including the fronto leaf. Still, many blunt smokers have switched from traditional blunt leaves to the fronto leaf because they feel it has less chemicals.

Since fronto leaf products are not processed with additives or preservatives, many users swear they are a healthier and more natural alternative to blunt wraps and other flavored cigar leaves. They also allow for more customization, since users can cut individual leaves from the whole grabba leaf based on the size of blunt they plan to roll.


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Where can I buy fronto leaf tobacco?

Some smoke shops carry fronto leaf, but you should call ahead and ask to save time. If you can’t find a local tobacco dealer who carries fronto, search for a Jamaican or Caribbean grocery store, or look online for sellers that ship them. They are harder to find than blunt wraps at the gas station or smoke shop, but a full fronto leaf will produce twice as many blunts as a five-pack of Backwoods for a similar price.

Notable fronto and grabba leaf brands include: Grabba Leaf, Original Grabba, Dragon Fronto, and Negril Hills. Some tobacco shops carry fronto leaf in unmarked generic bags that aren’t associated with any company or brand. Preemo Leaf offers pre-crushed grabba and a crush tube to assist spliff-rollers. A full fronto leaf should cost between $5 and $12 and can yield between 15-30 blunts, depending on how large your roll.

How to roll a blunt using fronto leaf

Fronto leaf blunts are sturdy, natural, and easy to customize to your desired size. (Primo)
Fronto leaf blunts are sturdy, natural, and easy to customize to your desired size. (Primo)

Step 1:

Unravel the fronto leaf. Look for a dark leaf that is moist and sealed tightly. If the leaf is too moist to handle, use limited air exposure (leave leaf out of packaging for a few minutes) or heat exposure (use a lighter to to dry it slightly).

Step 2:

Cut or rip the fronto leaf you will use along the vein. Use the leaf’s natural veins as a guide to rip and open up the leaf.

Step 3:

Roll the desired amount of flower inside the leaf, just like any blunt or joint, sealing it with saliva or an adhesive. You may need to hold unsealed edges with your finger as you smoke if the entire leaf does not seal with wetness.


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What is the difference between fronto and grabba leaf?

The term grabba leaf is often used interchangeably with fronto leaf, but there is a slight difference. Grabba refers to the broken down strips of fronto leaf that smokers roll into rolling paper spliffs.

Grabba is made from fronto leaf. Legend has it, the term “grabba” stems from Jamaican patois, in which locals often tell fellow smokers to “grab-a” leaf. Grabba is popular among smokers who enjoy a kick of tobacco with their cannabis, but not an entire blunt. The Grabba brand is a popular cigar wrap brand for blunt and spliff smokers nationwide. The Preemo Leaf company offers a grabba crushing tube that quickly and evenly breaks a fronto leaf into grabba (see below).

How to roll a spliff using grabba leaf

Step 1:

Take a strip of pre-cut grabba or rip/cut your own strip from a fronto leaf. The piece is usually 25-50% of the total amount of the filling in the spiff. 

Step 2:

Lay the grabba leaf strip flat onto the rolling paper. Some people crumble or break up the grabba and mix it with the flower, but others leave the full strip intact and roll their flower around it.

Step 3:

Roll the ground-up flower on top of the strip. Seal and light the spliff and enjoy a potent hint of tobacco with your cannabis.


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