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What Is Distillate?

I have no idea what that shit is I see on the menu of Select Co-Op. I am a traditionalist cannabis user… Aka, an old head that tokes flowers in my personally stuffed and wrapped hemp paper cones. After learning THCA Crystalline (look it up!) can be used to balance negative effects of toking I am looking into all cannabis options outside of flowers.

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Distillate, ?dis-t?-?l?t | Noun… Thank you Weedmaps dictionary for this definitive breakdown. Distillate is a translucent, low viscosity oil with the waxes and other undesirable elements of the cannabis plant removed. Distillate is popular as it is potent like Crystalline and Crumble and also quite versatile in applications.

You can vape or dab Distillate as well as use it in edibles, topicals, and/or other products. As with other concentrates Distillate undergoes an extensive process of refinement/processing to separate the desired compounds from the cannabis plant. The final product is a substance stripped of everything save the specific compound.

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Specifically, Distillate can be THC or CBD oil. Hence its aforementioned versatility. THC oil can be used in edibles, dabbing, vaping, infused drinks etc. to experience the psychoactive effects of cannabis. CBD oil Distillate can be used to create pain creams and stress relieving topicals.

Distillate mostly lacks any taste, flavor, or aroma. Therefore, folks wanting a familiar smell or taste may mix it with other cannabis products. However, it is a powerful compound used on its own as well. Distillate is void of all terpenes hence its lack of smell and taste. It is suspected. although has not been studied, Distillate may not have added benefits of other compounds that retain terpenes contributing to the famed “entourage effect”.

I am going to experiment with the THC and CBD Distillate. Instead of toking a hybrid I am grabbing some CBD Distillate for my chronic knee pain and see how adding it to a topical will work. I am still toking flowers for effect, but will dabble in a THC oil drop under the tongue and see what it does!

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