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What is Crumble?

That is easy to answer. Crumble is when you bake a fruit or a vegetable with a pastry or cookie like topping on top of it. Like blueberry crumble, or strawberry rhubarb crumble. Well, that is what I think of when I see it on the menu at Select Co-Op.

It is called crumble for its texture like the desserts I described above. Some call it crumble wax or honeycomb crumble. Its appearance and texture can resemble that of a honeycomb as we are informed by marijuandoctors.com. It is usually yellow and brittle to the touch.

White Tahoe Cookies

Like all concentrates crumble is a potent compressed form of marijuana. A potent THC strain can get up to the high 20% in THC levels. Recently Select Co-Op had White Tahoe Cookies strain which can get above 30% THC levels. However crumble can offer up to 90% THC levels!

Needless to say that can offer a powerful, potent, and intense experience at 90% THC levels. Marijuanadoctors.com also informs us crumble is also known to have very high terpene levels, possibly making it more flavorful and aromatic than other forms of marijuana concentrate. At the high levels of THC medicinal marijuana users can get a massive blast of healing doses instantly…and recreational users can test their limits!

Crumble is made similarly to shatter and budder/batter. However, crumble is not whipped like batter/butter. The oils are cooked at different temperatures to produce the ticker crumbling consistency. The terpene properties of the strain will also determine the physical properties of the crumble as we are informed by WayOfLeaf. Some strains may resemble motor oil while a strain like Blue Dream may yield a glass like product. One thing is certain with crumble or any concentrate you grab from Select Co-OP. Use with caution!

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