What is?

What is Cake Batter, Budder, California Cake Batter… WTF is this stuff?

"Cake batter is a dewaxed extract, meaning the plant's natural waxes and lipids are removed for a smoother hitting concentrate."

I was hearing a lot about this Cake Badder. I had no idea what it was. I am a traditionalist when it comes to my cannabis. Eating an edible is doing something extra for me. I simply roll up flowers and partake.  

So I learned that cannabis is simply rosin heated until it is a gooey form  Kool, question asked and answered so now I know, except. What the hell is rosin? I have not had that, or even heard of that either. Ok, down the rabbit hole we go.

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The folks at Rosin Tech News informed me that rosin is made from pressing cannabis flowers, kief, or trims between extremely hot platforms with a lot of pressure. It is essentially squeezing the sap/resin from the bud structure. This process yields an extract with a sap like texture and is often translucent. Rosin should retain the elements of the strain’s terpenes emitting detectable flavors and aromas.

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Rosin can be consumed like a “dab”. At least I am familiar with “dabbing”. No, not Cam Newton’s outdated touchdown dance… Look it up if you need to… I understand that rosin can be tough and brittle to handle to load a dab. Ok, but what the fuck does this have to do with cake batter?

How Do I Get Weed: Your Ultimate Cannabis Resource

Well, enter the Cake Batter solution. Folks realized that rosin, by the way it is called rosin for the consistency like a violin or cello bow’s rosin… Thought you may like to know that meaningless fact. As I was saying folks realized that rosin can be lightly and slowly heated and then gradually whipped.  

Cake batter is a dewaxed extract, meaning the plant’s natural waxes and lipids are removed for a smoother hitting concentrate. The process of whipping cake batter is similar to crumble, but the dewaxing process is essential to the cake batter process. Cake batter is often cooked longer than sap or live resin as a means to reduce impurities. I see now it is probably called cake batter, because of the whipping process; like egg whites or heavy cream. I am going to step outside my comfort zone and roll with some this weekend.