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What is a Sativa Strain and What Are the Best Ones?

There was a time when I bought weed and someone attempted to tell me what strain it was.  This was decades ago.  I thought people were just making up names. Although, cannabis strains are just as diverse as any other plant species.  Strains can be indica or sativa strains.  Sativa strains are cannabis strains known for invigorating, energizing, focusing, creativity, and physical motivation.  Indica strains are associated with body relaxation, inducing sleep, and mental calmness.  The reality is, all strains share some of these properties.  Let’s look at some classic sativas and how they differ.  All of these sativas you can grab from the Select Co-Op dispensary partnership (DC Cooperative, Gifted Legacy, and Takoma care and Wellness). 

Sour Diesel

Sativa Strain

Sour D, Sour Deez, or Diesel is a classic sativa strain.  This strain can be above 90% sativa leaning.  That means it will offer slight relaxing properties.  However, the dominant energy of Sour Diesel is an invigorating cerebral mental effect that facilitates creativity. This strain is commonly used amongst medical patients to relieve anxiety, depression, and chronic fatigue.  Sour Diesel is used by some athletes prior to a workout to increase the focus and motivation to be active.

Sour Diesel is the product of crossing a Mexican landrace sativa and Chemdawg.  Be aware, that Chemdawg is classic sativa known for its gassy chemical taste and is a parent to many sativa strains.  While Sour Diesel is known for its invigorating effect it also offers 2% CBD and up to 4% CBN.  Sour Diesel offers pain relief and muscle relaxation without slowing the body down at all. 

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Colombian Gold

colombian gold

There are some cannabis strains that simply grow as they are. That means no human being has cross-breaded the plant with another plant to make a new creation.  Cannabis strains that grow naturally are termed landrace strains.  Colombian Gold is one of these sativa strains.

Colombian Gold is a strain that may be 75% sativa leaning.  Well, if it’s sativa and a landrace then why isn’t it 100% sativa. To be clear these ratios are not universally tested or valid.  Some 100% sativas may leave you hazy and relaxed.  Colombian Gold is said to be 75% sativa stain but it offers a clear, focused, and motivating high without any heaviness or relaxing effects. 

Landrace strains are usually void of fancy flavors.  They tend to taste more like the earth and natural pine.  Colombian Gold delivers a smooth but tangy tea flavor with a skunky aroma with notes of lemon and lime. The buds of this strain are covered in sparkling trichomes.

Island Honey

best cannabis

Then there are hybrid sativa strains. These strains are bred to get the best of both worlds.  These strains will offer a sativa focused and motivating energy with a functional but noticeable body-relaxation.  Island Honey is such a strain.

Island Honey is the product of crossing Jack Herer and Earl Grey.  The result is hazy spacey cerebral experience that soon gives way to a heavy physical relaxation.  Hybrid strains can also draw from its parents for a decadent flavor profile. Island Honey tastes of tropical citrus fruits drizzled with sweet honey.