What Hybrid Strain is best in DC?

Welcome back my 4:20 enthusiasts. We have a new segment of hybrid strains for you cannabis lovers. Typically, we like to curate cannabis combinations; recommend the best strains to mix from the best I-71 companies around the district. This time around we are hosting a battle of the hybrids. Like the NBA playoffs strains will have to go up against each other until a winner is crowned. The strains qualifying for the playoffs are Elphenstein, Electric Lemonade, and Larry Lovenstein in the sativa hybrid bracket. In the indica playoff-bracket is Purple Martian Kush, Blue Lights, and Gumbo… Spolier alert, Larry Lovenstein takes first prize as the best hybrid strain! We have a recap of these epic battles…

For our first Hybrid Strain Matchup!

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We have Larry Lovenstein vs. Elphenstein. Larry Lovenstein enters this match with a few advantages. First off I am partial to the crazy moniker Larry Lovenstein and this strain tops out at 30% THC levels. This strain also tastes of pungent diesel. However, Elphinstein tastes of sweet lime skunk and has little to know come down effects. However, that is due to its low 15% THC levels. I always appreciate potency, so Larry Lovenstein wins out this matchup. 

Elphenstein now faces Electric lemonade that had a first-round bye as the number one seeded sativa hybrid. I always love a wake and bake sativa which is what Electric lemonade is. Electric Lemonade tastes of a sour citrus and sweet berry fruit salad with a sugary cream topping. Electric lemonade offers a slightly hazy mental effect. That is not my ideal wake and bake strain experience. While I prefer Electric lemonade for tastes Elphinstein wins this battle for its clear-headed experience that can be toked on all day.  

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Who Won the Larry Lovenstein vs Elphenstein Sativa Hybrid Strain Matchup?

This leaves us with Larry Lovenstein as the winner of the sativa bracket and into the finals. It was a hard decision between Elphenstein and Electric Lemonade that came in second and third place respectively. The potency of Larry Lovenstein plus its diesel taste and potency makes it hard to beat. It is now time for the indica hybrid play-off rounds. 

How Do I Get Weed: Your Ultimate Cannabis Resource

Purple Martian Kush, Blue Lights, and Gumbo all have a common theme. These strains have delicious, sweet flavors and sedate the body shortly thereafter. I judge these strains by tastes and if the sedation is functionally or too heavy. The first-round matchup is Gumbo and Purple Martian Kush. Blue Lights gets a first-round bye due to its genetics for which I have a biased preference.  

Gumbo, while sounding like a pot of stew, tastes like the sweetest candy or the ripest fruits with sugar syrup topping. Gumbo is couch-locking, but is not a sleepy or tranquilizing effect. With Gumbo strain you simply just want to chill and do nothing. Purple Martian Kush tastes of sweet berries, grapes, and a spicy dank Kush element on the back end that is almost diesel like in pungency.

Purple Martian Kush may arouse the senses and even make you horny; but act on those impulses before you and your partner become too relaxed to do anything about it. The simple fact Purple Martian Kush is a slight aphrodisiac has it winning this battle. My lady and I both give this the winner of this battle. 

What are the Indica Hybrid Strain finals?

That leaves us with Purple Martian Kush and Blue Lights in the indica hybrid finals. Both of these hybrid strains have similar effects that are hard to distinguish. Therefore, tastes will be the deciding factor. Blue Dream and Diesel are strains and flavors I am strongly biased towards. Blue Lights smells and tastes of rich sweet blueberries with hints of pungent diesel like flavors. Blue Lights wins this battle.  

This brings us to our hybrid championship. We have Larry Lovenstein representing the sativa hybrid strain and Blue Lights representing the indica hybrids. Frankly this was over before it started. I am a sativa lover so like Roy Jones in the Korean Olympics, Blue Lights never had a chance. 

For topping out at 30% THC levels and its diesel pungency without sedating effects has Larry Lovenstein as the hybrid strain champion. Now you may say these battles were biased. Well, they were! My preferences or tastes and sativas dictates my decisions. I challenge you to hold your own battle if you do not agree with the winner(s). In the meantime, enjoy your 4:20 experiences