What Happens if you Smoke Daily?

“I wanna talk to Sampson…. cuz hard being black and gifted. I grab a spliff and get lifted”… If we all had the problems Sir Smoke-a-lot had in Half-Baked we probably would be blazed 24/7 as well. Some of us do blaze all-day 24/7.

Weedmaps recently published an article on the effects of blazing every day. We know Seth Rogen smokes “weed all day and everyday and (has) for 20 years. For (him) it is like glasses or shoes”. We also know Snoop claims to smoke 81 blunts daily… Yeah OK. So Weedmaps talked to Dr. Adie Rae about the actual effects of smoking all day everyday.

We are reminded of the benefits of consuming the THC in cannabis. Cannabis can manage chronic pain and inflammation. Cannabis can help ameliorate PTSD, manage epilepsy, as well as manage anxiety. Cannabis can also help with weight gain issues, insomnia… Also it can simply spark creativity, productivity, and can be a source of fun and enjoyment.

However, Dr. Rae also notes that regular use of cannabis may increase the risk for certain conditions. Chronic cannabis use may increase the risk for Hyperemesis, a rare condition that leads to repeated and severe vomiting. Interesting, I have never experienced this, nor know anyone who ever has. The condition is considered “rare” as reported by Weedmaps.
Dr. Rae notes that chronic cannabis use may increase the risk for schizophrenia and psychosis. Interesting. Is that accurate or is it that those with the neurological potential for schizophrenia and psychosis should avoid cannabis and any mind-altering substances? However, according to Dr. Rae, early and excessive cannabis use can express symptoms of schizophrenia. We are speaking of a developing brain not needing to be exposed to cannabis.

What most concerns me is Dr. Rae’s data on cannabis tolerance. We get that the more you smoke the higher a tolerance you build. Dr. Rae suggests taking regular minimum 48 hour “T-breaks” to maintain the endocannabinoid system being sensitive to THC. Can rotating strains do that? I do not smoke the same strain for more than a quarter ounce. I find that rotating strains keeps the effects of THC sharp and crisp.

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