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What are the new top-shelf sativas that are ideal for wake and bake toking?

Welcome back my 4:20 enthusiasts. It is time for another edition of cannabis culinary combining and Wake and Bake toking with top-shelf sativas. Simply put, we are mixing weed. Some people call this making cannabis salads. We call this fun and common sense if you have more than one strain. Normally, we introduce sativa and indica combinations. This edition we will be dealing with top-shelf sativas only. Specifically, we will be toking on Kerala, Cherry Pie Diesel, Rogue River Skunk, Lemon Ice, Damn Sour, Purple Stardawg, and Blue Champagne. Let’s see how these strains combine…

Best of Top-Shelf Sativas Used In Washington DC

Best of Top-shelf sativas Wake and Bake

#1 Kerala

We have one strain as our all-around sativa base for today’s curation. Kerala is our base. Kerala is landrace one of the top-shelf sativas from Southern India. A landrace strain is a cannabis strain that grows naturally. It is not the product of crossing anything. Kerala has a minty and earthy flavor that is mild. Kerala is a potent sativa ideal for wake and bake. Kerala’s flavor is unremarkable. Hence why we have recommendations for mixing it.

#2 Cherry Pie Diesel

Our first recommendation is mixing Kerala and Cherry Pie Diesel. Cherry Pie Diesel tastes just like it sounds. Flavors of sweet berries, cherries, and pungent diesel is what you get. When Kerala is mixed with Cherry Pie Diesel enjoy the sweet berry and diesel taste that balances well with the subtle minty and piney elements of Kerala. Cherry Pie adds a sharp mental focus to the wake and bake experience as well.

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#3 Lemon Ice

Next we recommend mixing Kerala and Lemon Ice. Lemon Ice smooths out the flavor of Kerala. Lemon Ice taste like a tall glass of lemonade. Mixing it with Kerala adds a mint and a dash of pepper to your iced wake and bake beverage.

#4 Damn Sour

How Do I Get Weed: Your Ultimate Cannabis Resource

If you have not mixed Kerala with Damn Sour, that is a damn shame. This combination is straight and to the point. Damn Sour dominates this taste and is a potent diesel and tart sour experience. This adds a little kick to the wake and bake experience as well.

#5 Rogue River Skunk

How Do I Get Weed: Your Ultimate Cannabis Resource

It is time to go rogue! Kerala and Rogue River Skunk is a dank personified. This combination tastes of piney and minty potent skunk. The taste alone will snap you wide awake as will the sativa effects.  

Let’s talk about the best late afternoon top-shelf sativas

#1 Purple Stardawg

We are moving away from wake and bake. These next two combinations are for mid to late afternoon top-shelf sativa experiences. Kerala and Purple Stardawg is an ideal way to get the afternoon started. Purple Stardawg offers a heady and very social sativa experience. This combination is great for barhopping. 

#2 Blue Champagne

Lastly, we recommend mixing Kerala and Blue Champagne. Standing on its own, Blue Champagne “delivers cerebral, head-centered effects, including a mood boost, increased sociability, and a shot of energy ideal for daytime activities”. Mixing this with Kerala intensifies these effects while providing a sweet berry flavor to balance the pine of Kerala.  

Where can you get these top-shelf strains for your waking and bake?  

Select Co-op, DC Cooperative, Gifted Legacy, and Takoma Care and Wellness currently can provide you with these fire strains!  Enjoy my 4:20 enthusiasts.  We will be looking at the battle of cannabis hybrids next!