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What Are the Best Jeeter Weed Mixes in DC?

Things you do not know about can hurt you and/or things you do not know about can be opportunities missed. I had no clue what a Jeeter was before last week.  I saw them on the menus of Select Co-Op, DC Cooperative, Takoma Care and Wellness (TCW), as well as Gifted Legacy.   The menus are so extensive and prolific that I skipped what I thought was a package of mini pre-rolls.  Jeeters are pre-rolls that are infused with distillate and kief concentrate. The pairings of Larrry Lovenstein and Maui Wowie Jeeter, Blue Alien and Durban Poison Jeeter, Midnight and MaiTai Jeeter, Sublime and Watermelon Skittlez Jeetrer, as well as Grape Ape, and Shirley Temple Jeeters are combinations you must try.

Larry Lovenstein & Maui Wowie

Larry Lovensetin a from crossing Chemdawg #4 and Larry OG tops out at 30% THC levels.  Larry Lovenstein tastes of diesel with sweet pine and citrus elements. Maui Wowie Jeeter tastes of pineapples, tropical fruits, and spicy earth elements. These two strains combine for a tropical citrus and light diesel taste.  The added life and distillate from the Jeeter make this a potent wake and bake strain that will lock your focus and motivate the body to tackle ay task at hand.

Blue Alien & Durban Poison

Blue Alien is said to be a 100% indica strain with the result of crossing Blueberry and Alien Kush. Blue Alien has a delicious taste of piney sweet berries with a hint of sour candy that sweetens on the exhale.  It is for relaxing after a long day or workout as they effects are heavy sedation leading to couch lock or sleep.  Adding the 100% sativa of Durban Poison makes this an evenly balanced hybrid for evening relaxation. It not only adds a sweet piney element, but also adds a focused and euphoric metal effect hat will have you moving and motivated until the indica elements of Blue Alien catch up with the instant sativa boost.

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Midnight & Mai Tai

Midnight is a sativa dominant hybrid that offers a boost of focused elating energy that allows the body to relax and wind down in a couple of hours.  Midnight has a sweet and spicy grape and berry flavor and tops out at 11% TC levels while adding 13% CBD as well. Mixing Midnight with Mai Tai Jeeter adds a citrus and sharp mint flavor to the sweet berries.  Mai Tai is an evenly balanced hybrid and with the boost of THC from the kief and distillate this strain instantly provides you with the mental focus and motivation for creative or social endeavors while slowly relaxing you and preparing for peaceful sleep.

Sublime & Watermelon Zkittlez

Sublime is known as an instant shot of motivating energy to get up and get things done.  It relaxes the body without the slightest sense of sedation tasting of earthy spices and slight pineapple. Mixing Midnight with Watermelon Zkittelz provides a decadent taste profile of sweet and sour candy, watermelons, and spicy tropical fruits. The Watermelon Zkittelz adds a sense of relaxation making this an ideal evening combination.

Grape Ape & Shirley Temple

The combination of Grape Ape Jeeter and Shirley Temple Jeeter; this is a divine nightcap my friends.  Grape Ape tastes of sweet berries dipped in syrup.  Shirley Temple adds the taste of fresh sweet strawberries and spicy earth elements. Both strains are heavy indica, perfect for relaxation and recovery. Mixing them together is a decadent nightcap that will put you down for the count after enjoying the sweet deliciousness of their pairing.  To be clear, we are taking the Jeeter pre-rolls apart and them re-rolling them with the strains to mix.  Happy 4:20 friends!