What are the 5 Best Haze Strains? 

Welcome my 4:20 enthusiasts, we are here to speak of Haze cannabis strains.  Haze strains are aptly named.  There is a light, hazy, blissfully cloudy effect these strains provide.  These effects are often adjusted, decreased, or minimized by crossing Haze with other strains.  My top five Haze strains are Hawaiian haze, Pineapple haze, Cannalope haze, Super Silver haze, and Purple Haze

Haze strains are often associated with sativa cannabis strains.  Haze strains often offer high THC levels as well.  It is urban legend that haze strains were created from crossing two Mexican landraces.  Haze strains are often used to make hash due to their resinous nature and flavorful profiles.  We present to you our champion list of top five Haze strains…

Hawaiian Haze

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Hawaiian Haze is my favorite Haze strain.  Yes, earlier I mentioned Haze strains may offer a hazy and unfocused effect.  Hawaiian Haze is a rare Haze that has the opposite effect.  Hawaiian Haze energizes, boosts your mood, while focusing the mind.  This is an ideal wake and bake, workout, and/or socializing strain. 

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Hawaiian haze is the product of crossing an unknown indica and Hawaiian strain.  How such an energizing sativa emerged is a mystery.  Hawaiian Haze may out top 26% THC levels.  Hawaiian haze tastes of decadent sweet tropical fruits complemented by piney dank woody elements. 

Pineapple Haze

How Do I Get Weed: Your Ultimate Cannabis Resource

This strain is the product of crossing Pineapple and Haze strains.  Pineapple haze may top out near 15% THC levels.  Pineapple haze delivers a subtle energy boost that will focus the mind and offers little to no sedating effects.

The low THC levels associated with Pineapple Haze make this an anytime strain that will not negate concentration.  The real reason to enjoy Pineapple Haze is its insanely delicious flavor.  Pineapple haze tastes of sweet pineapples, ripe tropical fruits, and a sour citrus as well as diesel element. 

Cannalope Haze

How Do I Get Weed: Your Ultimate Cannabis Resource

The above is not a typographical error.  Cannalope haze is said to be a 95% sativa leaning hybrid.  This where the cloudy effects of Haze are a reality to consider.

Cannalope haze hits the mind with a euphoric, relaxing, hazy, exquisite joyful effect.  The body is also relaxed and quite content to not do anything.  I recommend consuming this strain in the evening.  Cannalope Haze may top out at 28% THC levels.  This strain tastes of…drum roll please, sweet ripe cantaloupes and is simply delicious.

Super Silver Haze

Super Silver Haze

Super Silver Haze is the first Haze I ever experienced.  Super Silver Haze (SSH or SS Haze) is said to be an 80% sativa dominant strain.  SS Haze provides a classic Haze experience.  First this strain hits with a motivating energy and sparks creativity.

However, all that mental energy soon becomes unfocused, cloudy, and hazy.  You realize you simply want to enjoy the experience being provided.  Super Silver Haze tastes of spicy earthy flavors balanced by sweet citrus elements.  SS Haze may top out near 23% THC levels. 

Purple Haze

haze strains

This is a Haze for evening relief, pain relief, and muscle relaxation.  While this strain is said to be sativa leaning the Haze effects are overwhelming. Purple Haze, like the classic Hendrix song, will have unfocused thoughts “all in (your) brain)”.  Purple Haze provides a warming body buzz that engulfs your entire being.

Purple Haze tops out near 26% THC levels.  Purple Haze is the product of crossing Purple Thai and Haze.  Purple haze tastes of sweet berries and dank piney elements.  Purple Haze nuggets are a contrast of minty green and rich purple undertones.