What Are Infused Pre-Roll Strains?

Pre-rolls for better or for worse, have earned a reputation as junk. Many weed connoisseurs believe them to be a method for brands to make a profit from low-quality shake or trim. While that may be true in some markets, Select Co-op only offers high-quality pre-rolls that use premium flower. Regular pre-rolls can be a great purchase for a novel cannabis user who isn’t experienced in the art of rolling a joint. A pre-roll can also be a great buy because it’s convenient, discrete, perfectly rolled for an even burn, and ready to consume at purchase. 

However, infused pre-rolls are an altogether different experience not meant for cannabis newbies. An infused joint or pre-roll is a pre-made weed cigarette with hash added to it. That cannabis extract can be on the outside, or inside the joint. The THC concentrate utilized can either be ‘wax‘ concentrate, or bubble hash, or solventless rosin extract, or other forms of cannabis resin.

Infused pre-rolls are increasingly popular because they are a way that a consumer can receive a highly customized marijuana experience. Options include THC or CBD-concentrated infusions tailored to your desired goal. Pre-rolls with medicinal purposes can use higher concentrations of CBD resins, oils, and strains to better capture the healing potential of CBD, and a combination of THC and CBD can be customized to achieve the perfect balance between head high and body high.

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According to some studies, the sale of pre-rolls has increased almost 50% since 2019. Many attribute this to the pandemic, whereby people have become less likely to share a joint and a pre-roll can be the perfectly sized personal smoking experience. Others attribute it to the expansion of the marijuana market, and the fact that many new users want an easy method to consume marijuana. In either case, infused pre-rolls are here to stay. As more strains of weed have been developed and refined and more pre-roll infusion techniques have been perfected, cannabis enthusiasts are benefitting from the opportunity to sample different pre-roll infusions. A key benefit of pre-rolls is that they are a great way to sample a new strain before making a larger investment.

With infused pre-roll strain, marijuana users have the ability to try different combinations of strains, concentrates, and wax flavors that have been professionally customized so that they can discover their favorite mix without an expensive trial and error process. Gone are the days where pre-rolls were filled with low-grade shake and trim. These days, you can expect a premium marijuana experience with pre-rolls that contain premium flower, or with infused pre-rolls that contain a professionally designed mix that delivers the perfect high.