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Jun 3, 2020
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Welcome Back My 4:20 Comrades!

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Recall we were looking at terpenes and how they direct the aromas, taste, as well as effects of strains. Remember Mycenae is responsible for the earthy and musky scent in strains and provides relief from inflammation and pain. Linalool produces spicy and floral scents that also provide relief from inflammation. Caropyllene is responsible for spicy and peppery flavors and reduces inflammation. Lastly, pinene that is responsible for the pine/woody flavors of strains is also an anti-inflammatory. The summer is time to get active and outdoors. Here are my top five sativa or sativa hybrid strains that will boost energy to workout and be outdoors, also provide relief from pain and inflammation after an active workout. Let’s get into it.

First up is Sour Diesel. Thankfully, my guy at Select Co-op keeps this on deck. Sour Diesel contains Beta caryophyollene and mycrene as dominant terpenes in its profile. So while diesel hits you with that gassy sour taste and almost instantly focuses the mind and energizes the body…you also receive relief from inflammation and pain as well. This sativa is also excellent to relax the muscles after a good physical burn. After a nice run enjoy!

Put some respect on the name of Strawberry Cough. Yes, it is an amazing sativa that tastes just like strawberries. Yes, toke lightly as it will have you coughing up a lung. Yes, it provides euphoric energizing effects… Strawberry cough also contains Beta Myrcene and Alpha Pinene in its terpene profile. So with the strawberry sweetness also appreciate the relief from pain and inflamation. Before or after a power yoga session or afternoon kayaking workout enjoy!

Of course there is that beast of a Chemdawg. Although, Chemdawg is said to be a balanced hybrid it hits me with sativa effects that energize and focus the mind any time of day. As a progenitor of Sour Diesel it has that gassy sour taste I enjoy. Chemdawg also contains a large percentage of Beta Myrcene and LInalool relieving both pain and inflamation. After getting it in with kettlebells or resistance bands enjoy the balanced sativa rush of energy and body recovery.

Although, Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) is also considered a balanced hybrid the sativa energy is what dominates my experience using this strain. We all know the sweet cookie taste of this strain. Thankfully my guy at Select co-op has some now. GSC provides a mellow cerebral high and body relaxing effects that do not give to any couch-lock or sleepiness. This strain contains Myrcene and Beta Caryophyllene as dominant terpenes in its profile offering relief from inflammation and chronic pain. Enjoy this sweet strain before or after a nice mid day walk.

Last and definitely not least is Blue Dream. This is one of my favorite strains for its balance of amazing taste and sativa dominating effects. Blue Dream tastes like a blueberry cream float that goes down smooth with each toke. The decadent taste of Blue Dream is complemented by the pain reliving and anti-inflammatory body relaxing effects provided by myrcene and Beta caryophyllene in its terpene profile. Enjoy Blue Dream after rolling on the mat with your BJJ partner…or in this times after a good roll with your BJJ training dummy.

Whatever your 4:20 preference is enjoy being active and engaged my friends. Our friends at Select Co-op got you for whatever you cannabis needs may be. Whether indica loving, sativa preferring, or edible munching stay safe and mindful of your 4:20 activities. Later gators!

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