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Jul 18, 2020
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Weed Waiver

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As COVID-19 cases are spiking again across the nation many areas are re-entering shutdown procedures. Some of the resurgence has been understandable as people wanted to get outdoors in the summer. However, some wanted to pack in crowded rally’s… Or an indoor pool party on a club dance floor as evidenced by Desus and Mero. Needless to say it is wild out here!

What is deemed essential in these times is also affecting many businesses. So a very poignant question is… “Is cannabis essential?” Is this something that people NEED to have access to any society? The answer to such a question may affect dispensaries moving forward in the “new normal” economy.

Weed Wavier

A recent Forbes article spoke about marijuana as essential for the American public. The article briefly touched on the need for patients to retrieve their prescribed medicinal options. The article also focused on the need for Americans to simply not be stressed and experiencing elevated frustrations cooped up at home. As this is Forbes magazine naturally there is an economic component to continue to allow the revenue around cannabis to flow.


So some have raised the idea of a “weed waiver”, a “cannabis contract”, or a “marijuana mitigating mise”… OK stop for a second. “Yeah Buddy” in my Ronnie Coleman voice. I am patting myself on the back like Barry Horrowitz in WWF back in the day for finding a word beginning with “m” to fit the alliteration for weed waivers… Yes, a “mise”. OK anyway, would you sign a waiver to enter a dispensary?

That is kinda an easy one to answer for me. You have to show ID to pick-up gifted flowers are for a legal age individual and one shows ID to pick gifted flowers from a “pick-up” location. If such information is already being provided, I see no “Invasion of privacy”. To add a legal layer of protection to protect the business risking to remain open during these times.

One may enter their pick-up location and see a hand-sanitizing station right by the door. Possibly a heat check for entry to ensure symptomatic people are not entering the space. It is feasible to limit the browsing time as well as the number of people browsing at one time… Or it may just remain a delivery option with a waiver being provided as an option to continue delivery. These are just questions and musings… However, regardless the folks at HDIGW are ensuring that we all can still get weed.

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