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Apr 3, 2021
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Weed Salad

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“I have made and I want to share along with some new creations. My classic, Make a Jay/ weed salad is Blue Dream and Sour Diesel.”


I recently read an article about a weed salad. The author spoke of how this is not for edibles or concentrates. This is strictly a flower phenomena. You mix similar strains and smoke them together… Ummm, doesn’t everybody do that?!

I was like weed salad. OK. We used to call it making a jay. There are some classic jays I have made and I want to share along with some new creations. My classic, Make a Jay/ weed salad is Blue Dream and Sour Diesel. The Blue taste from the Dream is heightened by the Diesel effect while the relaxing properties of Blue Dream are given a sativa energizing boost from the Diesel.

Jet Fuel

Jet Fuel and Cherry Pie is also a classic jay creation I have enjoyed. The sweet taste of Cherry Pie dominates the taste of this experience. However, the sativa elements of Jet Fuel dominate the effects. It turns Cherry Pie into a sativa wake and bake treat.

If you ever run across some Old Toby it is a treat in itself. Its unique THC and CBD profile are a wonderful day time medicinal product. However, if you mix Old Toby flowers with Chemdawg you have dank citrus diesel tasting energizing sativa powerhouse that equally provides body grounding medicine.


I was recently pleased to learn how Harlequin and Chem de la Chem mix in an exquisite fashion. Harlequin is another strain with balanced THC and CBD effects. However mixing it with the sativa powerhouse of Chem De La Chem makes it a euphoric, creativity enhancing, and energy boosting beast.

Lastly I shall share with you a mix of sheer decadence. If you run across El Patron and Super Sour Diesel grab them both. The citrus, floral, earthy sweetness of El Patron is detectable on the exhale. However, the diesel flavor dominions the initial taste and effects. However, El Patron provides the grounding and lasting effect to make the sativa benefits extend all day.

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