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best way to get weed in DC in 2022

DC Weed Guides:

Getting weed in DC is fast and easy. There’s a few things you need to know. Due to Initiative 71 finding marijuana isn’t some clandestine ordeal where you have to know a “guy” or something. 
Read our guides below on the best ways to find weed in DC

Magic Mushrooms and Psilocybin in Washington DC

Everybody at this point I think knows that marijuana is legal in

Best High Quality Mango Recreational Weed in DC

Mango marijuana strain is an indica leaning hybrid.  Mango can offer up

Know Your Washington DC Cannabis Laws

Cannabis gifting, Smoke shops, Buying Weed in DC, & Initiative 71  If

What are the 5 Best Haze Strains? 

Welcome my 4:20 enthusiasts, we are here to speak of Haze cannabis

What Are the Best Jeeter Weed Mixes in DC?

Things you do not know about can hurt you and/or things you

What is the Safest Way to Buy Weed in DC?

There used to be weed strips in the District of Columbia that would take you through certain neighborhoods that were renowned for having green. This would also result in the police “jumping out” on those selling and buying it which all around was not a safe experience. However, in 2022 the answer is

Are Medical Marijuana Cards Needed to Buy Weed in Washington DC?

UPDATED: 9/6/22 Marijuana usage has become so mainstream over the past few

Who is Giving/Gifting Weed in Washington DC as a free gifts?

Are you aware of Initiative 71 in Washington, DC? This provision allows for

Where can I get new strains of weed in DC for July 4th?

July 4th is almost upon us as we search where to get

What Hybrid Strain is best in DC?

Welcome back my 4:20 enthusiasts. We have a new segment of hybrid strains

Why is Washington DC the only safe place to get weed in the DMV?

Welcome to the District of Columbia the place where we know how

What is Happening at the Capital Pride Parade this Weekend?

The Capital pride parade is back! The COVID-19 pandemic has shut down this

Something In The Water Concert in DC

Well, thank you to the Commonwealth again, for the upcoming, "There's Something

How Do I Get Weed in DC?

Are you coming to town for the Something in the Water festiva

New Combinations For A Cannabis Culinary Curation in 2022

Welcome back 4:20 enthusiasts. We took a break for a couple of weeks.

New ways to find weed in DC – September 2022 Edition

This is a grey line/murky line of the law that is kind

Can You Smoke Weed In DC?

Smoking Weed is not legal on any federally owned lands. Your fantasy

Where can you legally smoke weed in DC?

Smoking Weed is not legal on any federally owned lands. Your fantasy of

Memorial Day in DC: Dispensary Delivery Advice

Memorial Day in dc is upon us friends and some dispensary delivery

Edible vs. Flowers: DC Delivery Dispensary Options

A common mistake is to assume that your experiences are universal with

New Top 5 Nightclubs To Smoke Weed In

Have you all heard of the cannabis bars in southern Virginia or

Best Marijuana Strains To Smoke While In DC

Washington DC just completed the extended weekend of 420 celebrations last week

What Is Marijuana Gifting In DC?

"Ever wonder what the loophole was about marijuana gifting in dc? We

Looking for weed while visiting Washington DC?

This is a grey line/murky line of the law that is kind

What Are Infused Pre-Roll Strains?

Pre-rolls for better or for worse, have earned a reputation as junk.

Labor Day Weekend… Like Cube Make It A Good 4:20 Day!

Many people are returning to the Washington DC area from a vacation.

High-Humulene Strains

Have your ever heard of High Humulene? Ever wonder what gives your

Back To School Special – A Survival Guide To Smoking Weed In Your College Years in the DMV

"Back to school special - If you’re open to other forms of

Recovering From A Bad High – The Right Steps To Come Down – No Need To Worry!

"Recovering from a bad high can send you to the emergency room,

Micro-dosing: Can It Help Your Anxiety? Can It Be Used As A Tool To Treat Addiction?

"Micro-dosing tiny amounts daily, do more than just get you mildly high.