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Mar 12, 2021
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Wedding Pie VS Blueberry Lemonade

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“Seldom does a strain come out of nowhere and grab the attention of a veteran smoker, but this is the case of Blueberry Lemonade.”


In this week’s matchup we have a battle between Indica dominant strains, Wedding Pie and Blueberry Lemonade. By crossing Grape Pie and Wedding Cake a sweet flavorful pastry like strain was birthed that packs a mind and body high just as distinctive as the pungent berry aroma. Wedding Pie is one of the few strains that smells and taste as sweet as advertised. The calming body effects from Wedding Pie are similar to the dream where you are falling off of a building and can’t wake up, or simply put, “stuck in the couch”. Just because of the strong body effects and the high THC content, Wedding Pie is great for after work or right before bed and is a go to strain for medicinal use as it assists with chronic pain, inflammation, anxiety and stress.

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Seldom does a strain come out of nowhere and grab the attention of a veteran smoker, but this is the case of Blueberry Lemonade. A quality Indica strain, made in the U.S.A. and it simply gets you smacked! Possessing beautiful buds that look so good to smoke and packed with a fruity sour taste with a hint of spice. Blueberry Lemonade brings about a euphoric calmness over the body and mind that intensifies over time. Also because of the heavy sedative effects, Blueberry Lemonade is great for smokers who are suffering from insomnia. This strain is known to pack on a few pounds as it brings on a case of the munchies after a few pulls. As with most Indica strains, Blueberry Lemonade is great for aches and pains after working out or that intense headache brought about from a hard day of work.

After moving on from the 1st round of the tournament Blueberry Lemonade will face off against the winner of Durban Poison and Strawberry Fields. Durban Poison being a Sativa dominant strain out of South Africa is known for its energetic and creative effects while Strawberry Fields being an Indica lover’s dream out of the Netherlands.

Strawberry Fields

As always tune in next week for another great matchup as we move 1 step closer to the March to Madness tournament.

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