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Wedding Diesel Strain Review

Wedding Diesel aka Diesel Cake is another strain to add to my list of Diesel favorites. As long as folks keep coming with the new Diesel crosses, that are not indica, I shall keep grabbing them. By the way, I almost forgot to break out the Granddaddy IU backup singers. “something, something new, from Select to you.”

Wedding Diesel is obviously the product of crossing Wedding Cake and Diesel, specifically Sour Diesel. Yes, the gassy Diesel taste dominates this crossing. However, the classic diesel taste is balanced by subtle nutty, vanilla, creamy, sugary flavors as well.

The exact THC and sativa ratio of Wedding Diesel is currently unavailable/unknown. What is known is this is wake and bake go energy for me. Enjoy this strain to energize your morning with some sweet cake flavors to boost. I did get more dry mouth than I usually associate with Diesel, so have your hydration supplies handy.

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