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Wedding Crasher Strain Review

Here we go! I love it when I can appreciate the cleverness and wit of an aptly named strain. What do you call someone that hits the dance floor with vibrancy and energy, talks the party up, and looks to leave with some company after the nuptials? The Wedding Crasher! They say this will have you moving like Chris Brown on the dance floor and rapping to folks like Jay-Z. Give it up for a dope strain name y’all!

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Now let’s give it up for a dope strain lineage. Wedding Crasher is the product of crossing Purple Punch and Wedding Cake. Wedding Cake is the crossing of Cherry Pie and Girl Scout Cookies. Yes! You follow this simple math so we got a synthesis of Purple Punch, Cherry Pie and Girl Scout Cookies. The flavor is off the charts. It is a purple punch flavored, cherry pie, girl scout cookie! You get all of that in the sweet smoke.

While Wedding Cake and Purple Punch are hybrids low on the sativa side, Wedding Crasher is said to be 70% sativa. This party starter can also get up to 20% THC. Another wonderful recommendation from those Select Folks. The buds are bright green and a little stringy resembling diesel. If this is around, get this. In my Kat Williams voice, “this shit right here…”!

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