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Wedding Cake Strain Review

This strain is simply delicious. The strain is aptly named as the sweetness of this strain is undeniable. Drink water and plan your munchies strategically beforehand. I had some mangoes and broccoli and hummus ready to go to enhance the effects of the cannabis as this strain gives me excessive dry mouth and ravenous munchies.
Wedding Cake is a cross between Girl Scout Cookies and Cherry Pie. I love both of those strains for their sativa cerebral effects. It is a quandary how these two combine for an indica dominant creation. Wedding Cake has THC levels around 25% making it a potent medicinal treatment. Great recommendation from my guy at Select Co-op.
Wedding Cake tastes like a decadent blend of sweet sugar cookies topped with sweet berries and cream. The flavors of Cherry Pie and GSC blend beautifully. The buds have beautiful a layer of trichomes covering light green, amber, and lavender pistils compact in a tight bud. The effects of THC are a welcome contradiction. Although, this strain is considered indica dominant it hit me with focused clarity, creative energy, and elation. Gradually the body effects provided a nice full-body relaxation with feeling heavy or drained. Wedding Cake is something to grab when it is around!