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Wedding Cake Strain Review

This strain is one of my favorite hybrids. This is because its parents are two of my classic favorite strains. This strain will soon become a classic itself. Like the name you just want to savor the experience with it!

Cherry Pie

Wedding Cake is the product of crossing Cherry Pie and Girl Scout Cookies. I do not know how you get cake from mixing pie and cookies, but that is exactly what happened. Wedding Cake tastes of sweet cookie crust, the fruity flavors of Cherry Pie strain, and somehow mixing the two seals the deal by creating a creamy textured sweet creamy flavor, like cake.

Girl Scout Cookies

Wedding Cake can get up to 25% THC levels. This strain is said to be slightly indica dominant. For me it is basically a 50/50 hybrid. While it is not the ideal wake and bake strain this strain will not slow you down, but will give the munchies and slight unfocused mental effects. This is a perfect walk in the door and fire it up at 4:20 strain.

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