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Webster Strain Review

Why is this strain named as such? Webster Strain really? The buds were not miniature or minute. So what you talking bout Willis? Oh wait, that was another weird 80’s show featuring a child actor with genetic growing issues featured on a show with some weird family dynamic with white people. Now enough talking lets get into this new strain review!

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My bad, I meant Webster, not Arnold! Webster strain is a sativa leaning hybrid. Webster strain contains about 70 percent Sativa and 30 percent Indica, making it strong a Sativa dominant hybrid cannabis. It’s buds are leafy with a deep green and rust colour. Webster’s buds are dense and leafy with hues of lime green and maroon rust.  

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Webster provides a potent sativa effect that instantly energizes. I can roll with energy for hours off this strain. My lady is a lightweight and it put her to sleep so novices be leary. Webster energizes your body and completely relaxes your mind which is why I recommend this as a day-time strain. Thanks for the recommendation Select Co-op! If you’re looking for an indica or are looking at another strain but are unsure about it make sure to check out all my strain reviews here!

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