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Ways To Avoid A Suspect Weed/Smoke Shop This 4/20

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Ways To Avoid A Suspect Weed/Smoke Shop This 4/20

“Suspect characteristic number three is the shop only sells 3.5s. There are some shops out here that only ask how many 8ths do you want.”

Man Select co-op has had me spoiled for some time now. I value not having to go into a store risking being associated with a raid or a cop fucking with me coming out of one. Like the Washington Post says (and I already know) almost everyone arrested on pot charges is Black. I was with a friend in DC, and he wanted to go into a shop. I will not name any shops in this article because I am not driving business to suspect shit. This article is not about the police fucking with folks possessing cannabis, its about how Smoke shops fuck with honest consumers on some sheisty-ness.

I was shocked at the prices of the break. This shop was selling 3.5g from $75 to $85. My friend told me he has seen some for like $65 but this is normal. They ain’t paying taxes on cannabis, so I do not understand why they taxing the 420 patrons! characteristics number 1 that a shop is suspect and has over-priced products.

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My friend asked for the flower. Nothing was out so he could see it. The dude went in the back and brought out one at a time. I waited outside. He came out ten minutes later after having to look at strains one at a time. The NYC Diesel he selected was simply the saddest looking diesel I have seen in some time. It was not Reggie but it is not on Select Co-op level and costs $25 more  characteristics number two is the strains are suspect.

Suspect characteristic number three is the shop only sells 3.5s. There are some shops out here that only ask how many 8ths do you want. If a 3.5 is $75 then yes you are paying $600 for an ounce. I called a shop to do research once I went in with my friend. One shop indicated an ounce receives a $50 discount. That is still robbery if you do not offer better rates at higher weight. This is slightly off-topic but I saw an ounce for $150 great deal, but does it fall under characteristic number two for being suspect?

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Suspect Characteristic number four is if they are hot and do not understand the laws of DC. I like the recommendation of former police officer Howard Woolridge, “Keep your head down. Keep your mouth shut…This is not rocket Science.” If you enter a shop and you see actual strains in the case and strains on the wall, not pictures. That is not keeping your head down. Such places are rolling the dice for being raided. I shall not roll the dice with them.  

The last characteristic a smoke shop is suspect is they have about as much variety as a corner store grocery for fresh produce in low income areas… No variety! If the selection is a handful of strains it is obvious this shop does not have a good connect and/or just does not have the business sense to scale up. Either way, I’ll pass. I always change up strains or you get used to the effects and tolerance raises for that strain. I have to mix it up. I can say with certainty Select Co-op is free of all suspect characteristics. Enjoy your 420 safely!

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