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Watermelon Kush Strain Review

In most cases I am not a fan of Kush. Often the strains are too indica dominant, couch-locking for my 4:20 desires…but then my man at Select told me about this Watermelon Kush that arrived. If you ever have questions then just ask as they are like marijuana sommeliers over there…but don’t ask what strains go with your dinner selections!

I could not find any information on the genetics of Watermelon Kush. What I do know and appreciate is this strain is said to be 50/50 balanced in its indica/sativa effects. That is my exact experience. Watermelon Kush, aka Watermelon is good for any time of day use. There is a cerebral, elating, euphoric energy that helps glide through the day while there is body relaxing energy for anxiety or slight pain relief as well.

Watermelon Kush is said to have THC levels around 12-18%. While that is moderate it is not extremely potent for a Kush strain possibly why it is good for anytime of day use. Watermelon Kush is a treat when it comes to taste. Enjoy the dominate watermelon flavor backed by subtle berries and slight hash taste on the exhale. If not for the effects enjoy Watermelon Kush for the taste alone!

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