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Vitamin D Dosing

Social Distancing is the new norm we all are adjusting to and learning how best to maximize the time and space in our lives. I have been changing my associations with 4:20. More and more I am connecting with myself by being outside and in the elements. My norms have been to workout inside early in the morning and/or go swimming. These are isolating practices that are indoors. While I do not mind the discipline of working our isolated I want more fresh air and sunshine to fight the energy drain of constant Zoom meetings and being indoors. Here are my anytime 4:20 go to activities for self-care. I grab something from my guy at Select and get out there!

Biking my be old news for you but I just ought a bike a few years ago. When I bought it my daughters were young enough the wanted to ride with their father. Those times have shifted as as small violin is playing for me. In the past few years I get amped to use it fort a few days then go to my usual indoor calisthenics routines. This week I have been consistent in the afternoon after work meetings. I hit a nice blend of Sour Diesel and Three Blue Kings and get on my Schwinn mountain bike I bought for $50 off Craigslist. I still am getting accustomed to riding with cars. I got a straightaway near me that goes for miles so I ride that and back for about an hour. The Diesel locks me in and I just ride the ride!

I have been improving my jump-rope game for a couple of years also. I have a jump rope with 4 lb. weighted handles that works core and shoulders more to turn the rope. I work for a few minutes just jumping for rounds and endurance. Then I get it in for fun. I work on kick-steps, footwork, and cross drills. It helps to be baked as you don’t care as much when you hit yourself with the rope. These dudes got me into improving my skills.

I have resurrected the simple act of walking in my life. Know that walking is excellent for toning muscle and losing weight. I have had a few knee surgeries and do not jog for exercise. However walking can offer a whole body workout more so than running…or not…I am not one of those people who bash running because they cannot do it anymore. There is a lake near me. I walked the hills and paths enjoying a few tokes of Colombian Queen this morning.
As I said I am about indoor workouts that are mostly calisthenics based. I have a pullupbar with rings in my bedroom, mats for floor work, bands, Bosu trainers amongst other equipment. This week I have taken my workouts to the playground and the park. At the playground I use monkey bars for pull-ups and plylometric pullups hopping from rung to rung, etc. Bartendaz have been teachers of mine for years in how to workout using your environment., From there I may create random burpees adding pushups, squats, rows, and core work to the repetitions. Hitting a jay of sour diesel then going out helps the creativity flow in how to use the body.

As we continue to adjust to the new norms of quarantining and social distancing make more of an effort to proactively make self-care a priority. Enjoy your sessions of 4:20. I also challenge you to break your 4:20 norms and routines. Daily add multiple doses of sunshine and Vitamin D to your green breaks!

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