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Feb 2, 2022
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Virginia Republicans Cannabis Confusion

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“Virginia republicans are pushing to change the cannabis laws in Virginia. Actually, it is not really a change.”


ABC News recently reported that Virginia republicans are pushing to change the cannabis laws in Virginia. Actually, it is not really a change. Republicans are communicating how they are moving forward with “re-enactment.”

Democrats passed legislation in Virginia to legalize recreational cannabis over a year ago. However, the legislation passed with the provisions having to be “re-enacted” in a year. Makes no sense why to add the provision for Democrats but Republicans got their way.

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So What’s Going On With Virginia?

Confusion began to set in folks were trying to grab seeds from anywhere they could. Then most realized unless you have large plots of farmland you cannot grow enough for yourself nor the quality to which professionals can provide.  

The truth of the law was put under the spotlight. Yes you can possess cannabis in Virginia. However, you may not buy recreational cannabis anywhere in Virginia. Virginia republicans want to speed up recreational sales coming to the state by allowing medicinal facilities to begin selling recreational cannabis in 2023.

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I challenge you to read any of the articles in the Roanoke or other local Virginia publications about the headache of dealing with the medical facilities. These spots are few and far between in Virginia, have higher prices, and scant selection. Do not fret though 4:20 enthusiasts…there is a solution.  

I live in Fairfax County, Virginia. Even if Virginia opens up medical dispensaries in 2023 for everyone’s use I would have to drive hours south for questionable prices and have to take whatever they have. I do, and will continue to take advantage of Initiative 71 in Washington DC. I have been using Select Co-op for a couple of years now and have subscribe to their website. Initiative-71 allows for them to transport cannabis anywhere in the Washington DC city limits. I meet my driver in DC and receive my cannabis gift discreetly and drive safely back to Virginia!

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