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Viper Strain Review

This shit is aptly named. I am all about how the name hits you. Viper seems like the venom sets in after the bite and puts you to sleep. It is so potent it will leave you in a comatose like snake venom. I think that is logical, but it’s 100% wrong.


Viper is a 90% sativa…. I repeat a 90% sativa. Viper hits you with snake venom that invigorates, stimulates, and elevates the mental faculties to party, socialize, or simply get shit done! This is where terpenes also come into play. I could not find this strains terpene profile, but to be 90% sativa and be used for chronic pain and inflammation as is often stated I suspect a high level of myrcene is present to provide the sour cheese musky taste and healing benefits.

OK enough of the alleged science. This shit is stinky sour, but not like diesel; it is sour in a blue cheese musty dank basement way. As soon as you hit this you know you are smoking that “loud”. The taste gives way to instant euphoria and energy to do what you feel. If you are a socializer then socialize away you will. You workout, write, or create then you will be working out, writing, and creating. Viper enhances whatever life you are about… I am about that Viper life!

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