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Viper Strain Review

I had a friend in high school that swore his parents were going to buy him a Dodge Viper. I believed him too… I just ain’t make up stories like that. However, if you smoke this strain he will be creating stories, and it will have you laughing at any crazy tale someone tells you in return. Get bit by the Viper!

OK, that was 1980s corny. Viper strain is an awesome sativa though. This Viper strain is said to be 90 to 95% sativa. The strain is said to be a cross between a Burmese landrace and Blackseed. Viper first hits you with a rush of elation. This strain almost instantly focuses the mind in an almost laser-like fashion. This is a great wake and bake strain.

Viper can get up to 20% THC levels. Viper tastes of sweet but slightly sour citrus fruits balanced by sugary cream elements. There is a dank sourness to the exhale that is pleasantly harsh. Enjoy while Select has this on deck friends.

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