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Venom OG Strain Review

When I think of Venom I think of the alien Spider-Man nemesis that came of the spaceship… In hindsight Venom would have destroyed Spider-man; if he did I don’t remember as my younger brother was more into the comics. I’m getting away from my own thoughts, but this Venom OG is no joke!

Venom OG, aka Venom OG Kush is an equally balanced hybrid. This is the creation of crossing Poison OG and Rare Dankness… No, not Rare Darkness like Rick James cracking on Charlie Murphy, but Rare DANKness. This is some definite dankness. Shit just hits you happy and just fucks you up. This is a movie stoner’s high.

Venom OG can get up to 23% THC levels. As the blissful heavy mental effects begin to become manageable one notices the tingly and engulfing feeling of body relaxation washing over like a wave. It was hard to explain how I was functional in my awareness but still a little heavy in clarity, but that functionality did not last long as soon the full couch-lock ensued. This strain is not balanced in my experience by any means.

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