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Velvet Pie Strain Review

In my dance hall reggae voice I say…. “Ring the alarm, another strain is arriving, Woah… Ring the alarm another strain is calling, woah…” Breaking out the DJ Clue metal echo voice as well because we got a “New strain, New strain.” Yes, people let’s get into Velvet Pie.

Black Cherry Pie

Let’s be clear we are talking of Velvet Pie; do not get this strain confused with Red Velvet Pie. Velvet Pie strain is the product of crossing Black Cherry Pie and Velvet Cookies. The lineage is packed with all-star Kush, OG, and purp strains along with sativa strains including Chemdawg, Durban Poison, and Skunk.

I mentioned all of that because it all comes through in the flavor. This strain is a subtle blend of diesel elements, sweet berries, and grapes, floral herbal spices, creamy richness, and earth tone dankness to boot! Yeah it has me saying shit like “To boot” as well. This is a morning get up and go strain. You hit this and feel energized to attack the day and the feeling stays with you for some time without causing fatigue on the back end. Enjoy. Great recommendation from Select Co-op!

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