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Velvet Pie Strain Review

I am an old-head and I like for some things to just be classic. Some things do not have to be improved on, I mean things are sacred for a reason correct? No one needs to change classic strains. I was mad the first time I heard of a hybrid of Cherry Pie… Then I smoked it I realized an old-head can adjust too…

Velvet Pie looks amazing if you get a properly cured strain. The frosty trichomes of this bud are blinging to the point I am blinded. This strain is the result of crossing Velvet Cookies and Black Cherry Pie.

Velvet Pie tastes of fruity cream spices with a smooth element on the back end of the exhale. The body is offered a mild relaxing experience, while the mind is engaged in creative euphoria. I can see myself going to this strain for a wake and bake strain.

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