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Vaping flowers leaves minimal odor not funking up the house, car, or outdoor vicinity. Vaping is much less detrimental to the throat and lungs. Vaping can provide more potent immediate effects than smoking. So why have I been so adverse to vaping over the years? Old habits die hard. I have to own I enjoy the dopamine rush I have attached to breaking down, rolling, and then firing up a new strain. Alas, I am ready to let the old rush go…mostly because it’s not that much of a rush anymore.

What is vaping cannabis flowers? Vaping heats up the flowers hot enough to release the THC properties but not hot enough to ignite the flowers into flames creating smoke. Simply put, in the words of esquire writers “…there are two kinds of weed vapes: ones that use conduction heating and ones that use convection heating to extract high-making chemicals and flavor from cannabis product. Conduction vaping heats the flowers by direct contact. A concern is often the flowers clogging the heating element or burning from being too close to the element.

My first experience with a personal vaping machine was with a conduction element.
In hindsight my contraption was cheap in cost and build. My element consistently got clogged and rarely gave a suitable vape but instead burned the flowers into smoke. I have learned since about better quality products.

That leads us to convection vaping machines. These are considered more comprehensive, high maintenance, and thus cost a little more. Convection vapes cost more because they are said to yield the desired result more often, a potent cannabis vapor. In convection heating flowers do not directly contact with heating element source. Heat is circulate around the flowers generating uniform heat within the product.

Convection and Conduction heating methods that represent two extremes in the manufacturing of vaping products. However, as designs are consistently being improved you will see more products in the market that may synthesize both elements. It needs to be said here I am speaking of vaping cannabis flowers only. I don’t vape carts, live resin, hit dab, or concentrates. I can’t speak to that. There is no way to tell what you are getting with such products (what is in it or who made it) so I avoid the danger all together. With regards to flowers the National Institute of Health has stated that “informed health care professionals may consider making recommendations to their medicinal cannabis patients for vaporization of the plant”.

Now is part two of the exploration. I will be researching the top convection, conduction, and hybrid vaping machines. Check back with us to see what we have uncovered. We are going hard on this vaping thing and retiring our cones permanently. Enjoy 4:20 however y’all get it in!

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