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Vanilla Frosting Strain Review

When strains combine you cannot assume what affects the cross-product will have. I have seen sativa dominant strains combine to make a shockingly potent indica. I have also seen indica strains combine to produce sativa dominant hybrids. How these terpenes and cannabinoids combine is science of art.

Vanilla Frosting Art

Yes, I am that amazed at Vanilla Frosting. This strain is a cross of Humboldt Frost OG and Humboldt Gelato. Gelato is slightly an indica dominant where Humboldt Frost OG is an indica monster. However, as they combine we get amazing taste and functional relaxation with an amazing sativa focus to ride out the experience.

This strain claims 65/35 indica dominance, but I do not see it. Rarely do indicas have me focused and creatively racing with ideas. While the sativa energy builds the body relaxing effects are consistent, but more light and help to relax and focus one’s thoughts. Vanilla Frosting is a perfect 4:20 wind down. The taste is in the name. This stain tastes of sugary and rich heavy cream with some wood spice and pungent cheese aromas. It taste like vanilla frosting on cheesecake.

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