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Vanilla Float Strain Review

Coma alert, Coma alert. That is my new alarm for indicia strains that are just too damn indica! Coma alert means just that. This strain will put you on your ass. I needed some nighttime wind down energy and Select was right about this!

Vanilla Float, a.k.a, Root Beer Float is an Indica dominant strain. It is said to be 75/25, however it may as well be given 90% or 100% Indica. This strain can get up to 26% THC levels. The strain almost instantly gives you a hazy stoned effect that quickly descends into sleepy time.

Vanilla Float has a strong lemon pine aroma that is balanced by notable vanilla elements and dank root beer scent. The smoke is like that of the aroma. The strain tastes of strong root beer and spicy herbs.

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