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Valentines Day: DC Delivery Dispensary

FYI, I am a Valentine’s Day hater. I am one of those nerdy folks that will tell you about the history of Saint Valentine. I also treat my lady well year round so she ain’t trippin that I do not do anything on that day… but for you all that must comply with the celebration or face the consequences I may have something for you!

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Gift Ideas For Valentines Day

Let’s look at some 4:20 gift and celebration ideas for your upcoming Valentine’s day mandate… There is always the classic breakfast in bed idea. I say boo as the shit is just messy get your lazy self out of bed and come to the table!… however, wherever you eat the meal does not matter. Use some cannabis infused butter to make the eggs, toast, waffles, etc. You can grab some flowers, crumble, or hash from Select Co-op to infuse the grub.

The next idea is very basic. However, oftentimes the simplest ideas are the best. Plan a morning nature walk with your partner…”On weed” in the excited John Stewart voice from Half-Baked. Enjoy a morning edible, dab, cart, or jay and just enjoy nature with your boo or Bo.

Want an isolated experience with your partner in the midst of another COVID surge? Stay in and enjoy a movie classic. Kick it with “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”, “Love Jones”, “The Photograph”, or “Friday.” Grab some edibles to enjoy the show or pour some cannabutter over your popcorn.  

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You can make a corny card for your partner had silly ideas like “High love you, You’re the fire to my bowl, Cannabe your Valentine?, Weed be dope together, and Girls just want flowers.” I had to laugh at “I always knew weed be great together”.  

Lastly, I say go the old-school sensual foreplay way. Provide your partner with a cannabis massage. Grab some oil with CBD infused hydrating lotion. Make sure that you use a timer or get your partner to do you first. Get your massage too if you are giving one! Whatever you do or do not do this Valentine’s day you can grab all your 4:20 needs from Select Co-op.

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