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Virginia Recreational Cannabis Bill Blocked

I was leery it was going to happen. The buzz was that by September or late fall that Virginia would open recreational cannabis sales through medical dispensaries already operating. However, the ganjaprenuer reports that “Virginia Republicans in the House General Laws Subcommittee blocked a bill that would have allowed retail cannabis sales to begin this September, as opposed to mid-to-late 2023”.

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Did The Bill Get Passed?

The ganjaprenuer further reports that “Virginia’s House General Laws Subcommittee on Monday voted 5-3 against a bill that would have allowed adult-use cannabis sales to begin in the state later this year, DCist reports. The vote was along party lines, with Republicans blocking the bill’s advancement.”

Virginia lawmakers had previously indicated that recreational sales likely will not happen until late 2023 or 2024. Republican speaker of the House Todd Gilbert blamed the Democrats that passed the original bill…“Let’s be clear: Virginia Democrats made a great big mess when they legalized marijuana without putting any regulatory or retail structure in place,” he tweeted. “We are left having to clean up their mess and we will not make it worse by rushing to fix it.”

Democratic leader Dawn Adams has a different perspective. Adams was recently interview by the DCist. “Currently if we don’t have a bill that gives us a well-regulated adult-use market amidst the backdrop of legalization in Virginia. We are basically providing a year for the growth and strengthening of the illicit market.” 

Initiative 71 Is Still The Better Option

It is illegal, and thus illicit to sell recreational cannabis in Virginia. However, there is a perfectly legal means to procure cannabis NEAR Virginia. Even if the medical dispensaries were going to open up to recreational sales in September, I would not have cared. However, it is perfectly legal to buy Cannabis from Delivery Dispensaries in Washington DC.

Initiative 71 allows for cannabis to be transport and gifted within the Washington DC city limits. This Initiative does not allow for storefronts to sell cannabis. The City has been raiding such illegal establishments (check out some Outlaw reports.) It is legal to subscribe to the menu of a delivery dispensary like Select Co-op. I have been using them for years. Simply call and place your gift request and they will schedule a prompt time to meet discreetly. Grab your gift and back to Virginia may you legally go!

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