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Recreational Cannabis Coming To Virginia?

Is recreational cannabis legal in Virginia? The Virginia Senate has passed legislation moving up the recreational sale of cannabis in the state. The bill has to pass in the House of Representatives but it is looking likely to pass as reports. Some Virginians are focused on the preference for “big business.”

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“We’re making these crazy huge decisions that affect Virginians, you know, it’s a scary situation,” Albemarle Seed and Greener Things CBD Dispensary Owner Nick Candelora said as reported by WSLS. The bill being introduce would only allow a few medical facilities to begin recreational sales. This provision has small businesses question as to why the preferential treatment?

WSLS reports “This bill would move the timeline of recreational sale from January of 2024 to this September, but only at dispensaries that are already licensed to sell weed medically and a few large hemp manufacturers. “Those social equity applicants, small businesses, especially women-owned businesses, minority-owned businesses that want to break into this cannabis space and really provide good quality products to consumers,” Skyline Apothecary Owner Jane Hammel said. “I think that this does lend an unfair advantage to large corporations.”

One has to read the writing on the wall. Previously, the republican senate has already hinted at removing the language in bills associated with social equity and social justice. Unfortunately, it looks like this will affect small businesses as well. I live in Northern Virginia and this is a bunch of malarkey for my cannabis needs.  

Purchasing Cannabis In VA

Even if the state opens up to dispensaries that are medical, that is a ridiculous drive for me to make. Medical dispensaries cannot compete there so, where do I get weed in Virginia?

Super thankful for Initiative 71 in Washington DC now this Dc legal provision allows for the “gifting” of cannabis and the transportation of up to 2 ounces of flowers. I have been using Select Co-op in the District for a few years now. I call them up, place my order, subscribe for new updates, and schedule to pick up my “gift.” It is a discrete and easy process and I can legally drive with it in Virginia!  

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