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Jan 27, 2022
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Virginia and Psilocybin

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A Virginia Senate committee began talking about decriminalizing psilocybin as reported by the Marijuana Moment meanwhile, Psilocybin is the natural chemical that occurs in different types of mushrooms. The discussion arose from around the use of this compound for therapeutic uses.  

Why Psilocybin?

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They would make having psilocybin by adults 21 and older a penalty that carries a $100 fine, instead of a felony, the Marijuana Moment reports. They heard from veterans and health teams talking about its health benefits. Any money collected from violations would go to the state’s Drug Offender and Treatment Fund, which helps substance misuse treatment programs and drug courts, the Marijuana Moment reports. Senator Mark Peake suggested “changing the legislation“ to make psilocybin medically prescribed,” to follow a similar policy that the state followed for marijuana.

What About Cannabis?

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When I first read that part of the article I actually laughed out loud. It seems to me that Virginia is putting the cart before the horse again. Can a doctor prescribe something thats federally a schedule 1 narcotic?  

Is that not what is happening with cannabis in Virginia? When recreational cannabis got legalized we were happy then reality set in…how do you get cannabis in Virginia? No one can legally sell it in Virginia so how can one get it if no one can sell it?

If it is medically acceptable, how are folk supposed to get it? The cannabis problem in Virginia is easy and solved by Initiative 71 in Washington DC. How does Washington DC help cannabis smokers in Virginia?

This law allows for the gifting and transportation of cannabis in Washington DC city limits. Many people in Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, and West Virginia drive into DC to get their cannabis needs. It is amazing that Virginia keeps approving things that people cannot get in Virginia!

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