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UBC X MC17 Strain Review

We have the codes. Yes, I repeat we have the codes. Confirm rendezvous, I repeat confirm rendezvous. I will deliver the UBC X MC17 protocol as directed….”ZXCCXZXCCXCCX” as confirmed backwards. This strain’s name reminds me of Tenet. I don’t care what deep reviews say, that movie sucked!

UBC x MC17 does not suck! This is a potent indica for indica lover’s my friend. I need something for pain in the evening and Select did not disappoint! UBC x MC17, aka MC OG is the product of crossing Master Chief and OG Kush. This OG on the Mic is a B-E-A-S-T!

OG Kush

UBC x MC17 can get up to 20% levels of THC. The smoke tastes of a subtle sweet pine and cinnamon spice flavor. This is definite night time medicine. Before long, I was headed for the bed before I did not have a choice.

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