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Truffles Strain Review

I never actually knew what truffles were. I associated them with fancy chocolates. I never actually knew they are a fungus, a small mushroom like growth grown a few places around the world. I guess they are like oysters. Oysters used to be cheap and considered poor fisherman’s food until they became chic and fishing them became a commodity. Anyway I am not talking about the mushrooms, I am talking about the Truffles strain.  

Truffles, aka, Truffle Butter strain is the product of crossing Gelato and Chocolate Kush. This strain is simply as sweet as candy. This strain has a unique nutty, toffee, and caramel flavor balanced by sweet spicy and fruity elements. This strain you will want to smoke for the taste alone.  

Truffle Butter Strain can get up to 21% THC levels. I asked Select Co-op to recommend some evening wind down after workout strains. This did not disappoint. After experiencing the amazing taste the mind is filled with thoughts of glee and elation. Then allow and expect for a heavy couch lock and sleepiness to hit you to end the evening. This Truffle Butter strain is said to be 70% indica dominant. 

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