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True OG Strain Review

This is dank. When you open the bag… No when you open the door to the room the bag is in you get smacked in the face with the smell of dankness. One should not be surprised. What do you expect from a True OG.

Og Kush New

Select Co-op has True OG strain on deck people. What does it taste like you might ask?… It tastes like pungent, diesel, spicy, lemony dank. It is a joy to enjoy! As far as effects this is old-school traditional indica tranquilizer power.

OG Kush

True OG Strain is said to be 70% indica dominant. This strain can get up to 22% THC levels while offering 1% CBD as well. This strain simply is a sleeping pill after a couple hits. Novices beware. This strain is for wanting powerful body relaxation

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