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Tropicana Strain Review

Boasting decadent tastes of tropical fruits and citrus flavors Tropicana is a sweet, spicy, and pungent hybrid providing sativa and indica effects. A strong cerebral high yields to creative and introspective impulses. The taste is like that of orange mango juice with a sprinkle of cayenne pepper. This is a social and light effect on the mind and body.

This potent cross of Pineapple and Kali Mist crossed with Northern Lights packs sativa energy to balance the indica effects of Northern Lights. With Tropicana you feel a building rush of elation and energy to do…you glow like Leroy in the Last Dragon for hours! THC levels have said to as high as 28% assuring effects will sho-nuff last. This strain has been used to treat mood and anxiety conditions. You will wan to talk, socialize, get out, or just do something.

The buds of Tropicana have a pungently sour as well as a sweet citrus and lemony aroma. Slight cherry and diesel scents also exude from the structure. It is a cornucopia of scents and flavors. The nuggets are large and Christmas tree shaped with reddish hairs layered with frosted trichomes. Breaking the buds down the resin on your fingertips is evidence of the THC packed in this beauty. Enjoy this peppery Orangina experience.

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