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Tropicana Cookies Strain Review

Select Co-op has had me at a quandary lately. I do not know how to choose from the array of sativas and sativa-hybrids that they have been having consistently. Now they have Tropicana Cookies on deck. What is a smoker to do?


Tropicana Cookies is said to be a 70/30 sativa leaning hybrid. Like many in this category, the effects are mentally elevating and engaging while never slowing down the body or leaving one feeling heavy. At the first hit a rush of focused energy engages the body that guides you to get up to tackle any task at hand. Eventually a body relaxing effect ensues that is more calming ten sedating.  


Tropicana Cookies strain can get up to 25% THC levels. The Tropicana Cookies buds ironically have a heavy orange coloration covered in trichomes.  Naturally this strain tastes of piney, sweet, tangy oranges.  

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