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Tropical Gushers Strain Review

Tropical Gushers Strain Review - How Do I Get Weed

Y’all may know by now I tend to avoid indica like the plague, or COVID. However, this is an indica leaning hybrid that I enjoy for evening wind downs without couchlock or sleepy time effects. This is a cool indica to simply enjoy the evening, a movie, or social time with friends.


Tropical Gushers, aka Gushers strain is said to be a 60/40 indica leaning hybrid. This strain can top out at 22% THC levels. We get this lovely strain from crossing Gelato and Triangle Kush. I say lovely as a coating of trichomes covers bright green leaves and orange hairs like crystals.  

Triangle Kush

Tropical Gushers has a beautiful contrast of flavors. Enjoy the tropical fruits, berry, and nutty vanilla flavors balanced by sour, spicy, and earthy elements. While Tropical Gushers will relax your mind and body it tends to end there. Nothing beyond a simple relaxing effect and good vibes sans the sleepy time I associate with indica.