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Triangle Mints Strain Review

Triangle Mints

Y’all seen these variations of gifting lotus, octagons, and wheels circulating. Some of you gift and sit back while some of you gift and got to be on board all day like a day trader. That is what the name of this strain brought to mind. Let’s check out Triangle Mints.

Triangle Mints Strain Review - How Do I Get Weed

Triangle Mints is also known as Octagon Kush to some… Hence my gifting circle reference… Ok, anyway, this strain is the product of crossing Triangle Kush with Animal Mints. This strain tastes of minty sweet cookies balanced by piney, dank, spicy, earth flavors. The buds have trichomes that are frosty that have many geometric shapes that are a pleasure to behold.

Animal Mints

Triangle Mints can get up to 30% THC levels. It is said to be a 70/30 sativa dominant strain. The indica effects hit hard while leaving you relaxed and focused without being couch-locked; couch-lock energy is close and possible though. I would enjoy this in the evening. It had my Saturday afternoon a little unsuspectingly foggy.