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Tractor Fuel Og Strain Review

I’m adding something new y’all. Yeah, cue my metal echo DJ Clue voice…”New strain, new strain, new strain…” Now, if y’all were hip to Rap City In The Basement before it became big nationwide out of the DC area; what y’all now about that Grandaddy IU?… “Something, Something, New from the Grand Daddy IU”. We got that new shit that is a descendant of some somewhat new shit. Let’s get into this Tractor Fuel OG.

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We got Tractor Fuel OG; nor Jet Fuel, but Tractor Fuel. Tractor Fuel OG is a crossing of Chemdawg and Gas Station Bob. Chemdawg is a classic sativa leaning hybrid and is the parent of Sour Diesel. Gas Station Bob (GSB) is just a cool ass name. I know nothing about it other than that. Looking it up GSB is an indica leaning hybrid responsible for a few OG strains.

The diesel and taste comes through in Tractor Fuel OG. Jet Fuel elevates and has you soaring. Tractor Fuel has you rooted and moving with the speed of a tractor although you can still get shit done. The indica nature of Tractor Fuel begins to wear on you at first toke. The diesel taste is backed by an earthy musk with a subtle sweet flavor. While the indica effects are not couch locking they are quite prevalent and noticeable. This is an evening strain for sure.

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