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Apr 29, 2021
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Top Places To Smoke Weed in DC

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“The Arboretum is enormous and has too many landscapes for tokers tourism and sections to explore in one day; enjoy exploring this DC attraction over time.”


Whether you are visiting DC, new to the area, or just want to mix things up let’s check out some ideal spots to enjoy your 420 experience. Disclaimer off the break. Be aware that in the district, according to DC.GOV. “Smoking, eating, or drinking marijuana – or holding or carrying a lighted roll of paper or other lighted smoking equipment filled with marijuana – in any public space” is illegal. We do not promote violating this ordinance. Ummm yeah! So hypothetically speaking these are some ideal spots to enjoy the effects of your 420 experience. Before you get there of course.

Dupont Circle is a show unto itself. Sober it is an experience. However, off a nice strain it is another experience to observe the chess games, joggers, bikers, runners, musicians, and mentally challenged move in this space as one collective entity. Enjoy the show after grabbing some treats from Select Co-op.

The Yards in SE is a nice spot to enjoy your 420 effects. There are myriad and numerous restaurants, bars, and/or simply walking along the Anacostia is pleasant. It is funny how in my youth this area was filled with shady warehouses and seedy clubs. Any DC folks remember The Mirage, Tracks, and the Eastside?

Staying by the water east of the Anacostia river is chill and lovely to enjoy as well. Anacostia park has long bike and walking trails, skating pavilion, picnic areas, and numerous spots to grab a seat under a tree. Anacostia park can easily be biked to from most areas of DC or simply drive down there and park in one of the many parking lots.

Still relaxing east of the Anacostia I recommend you check out Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens on some 420 time. The aquatic gardens has different aquatic flowers that bloom at various times throughout the warm seasons. This spot also offers a jazz/concert series that was popular before COVID restrictions. At any rate it is still a beautiful spot with or without the live concerts.

Lastly, the Arboretum is our final destination. Remember it is technically illegal to smoke outdoors in DC; however, the Arboretum is federal property so it is certainly illegal to openly 420 here. That being said, the Arboretum is enormous and has too many landscapes for tokers tourism and sections to explore in one day; enjoy exploring this DC attraction over time. Whatever your 420 activities ensure you do them safely and responsibly!

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