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Dec 16, 2022
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Top Five Psychedelic Newsletters – Third Wave

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3. The Trip Report by Beckley Waves

As they themselves put it, “The Trip Report by Beckley Waves is for people who are curious, compassionate, fascinated, excited, concerned, and hopeful about legal psychedelics in healthcare, spirituality, and society…. [It] provides commentary and analysis for stakeholders in the psychedelic field of emerging psychedelic science, medicine, and policy landscape.”

The Trip Report is a weekly bulletin supplemented by “deep dives” into such topics as digital shamanism and the interplay between psychedelics and virtual reality.

The articles are as intriguing as they sound. But what is “Beckley Waves”? It’s a UK-based organization that “co-founds or partners with early-stage teams that are working to provide safe and legal access to new psychedelic medicines and mental health solutions.” Beckley Waves founder Amanda Feilding is a fixture in the international psychedelic community, while her colleague Zach Haigney edits the Trip Report.

Trip Report articles are peppered with far-ranging and intelligent opinion and humor, as you might expect given the newsletter’s intriguing background. The website’s landing page has a newspaper-format design which provides an entry point to often lengthy articles that assume more than casual interest on the part of readers.

You can subscribe to The Trip Report for free here.

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